Hello world!

Thats right. Hello world! Here we are, Stone Creek Landcaping making great strides to update the way we comunicate with our customers and everyone else out there who wants to know a thing or two about landscaping. My plan is to use this site to bring you regualar updates and news regarding your landscape, specific to our Metro Atlanta micro-climate.  So tell your friends and check back often to learn what you need to do to keep your entire landcape looking its best. If you ever have questions or concerns feel free to contact me for a consulation. Im always willing to help with as little or as much of your landcape as you need.

One Comment on “Hello world!

  1. I was wondering if you may need an additional supplier of quality pine straw. I have a pine straw company in South GA. I am not a broker: I own it, rake it, and haul it! That’s why I can ensure quality on every load. I have slash and “true” long needle, no short needle. Unlike other companies, I will not run out of “quality” straw. I make money on volume, so I keep profit margins down so we both can sell more. I have both slash and long needle year around. I deliver from Virginia to Mississippi. Would like to talk to you about your straw needs.
    Contact me anytime, Thanks!

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