Summer is here and the Georgia temperatures have begun to feel a lot more like Florida. This heat is having an impact on yards across the state, especially the grass we grow in our lawns. There are so many choices to make when deciding on which grass to seed our yard with in such a warm climate. How can one decide?
According to, in our area and even the Gulf Coast, Bahiagrass and Centipede grass are common. These grasses are extremely drought and heat tolerant, and they stand up to the region’s climate and water restrictions.

“Bahiagrass provides homeowners in the Deep South and Coastal regions with low-maintenance, all-purpose lawns. More coarse than any cool-season grass, Bahiagrass has good disease- and pest-resistant qualities, establishes easily and offers outstanding drought and heat tolerance. Sun-loving Pennington Pensacola Bahiagrass is perfect for the Southern Coastal Plain and Gulf Coast. Lower growing and low-maintenance Pennington Argentine Bahiagrasswins favor from Florida through the Texas coast, as it teams finer texture, improved density and deeper color with durability and drought resistance.”

Another popular grass is the centipede grass which earns praise for its low and slow growth, medium texture and its medium- to light-green color. This low-maintenance, warm-season grass “out competes weeds and tolerates nutrient-poor soil, so less mowing and less fertilizer are needed.”

Pennington also explains that centipede grasses, prefer full sun but tolerate more shade than Bermudagrass. “Centipede grasses also lack a true dormant period, so they stay green nearly year-round except in extremely cold conditions. Centipede’s low growth helps it tolerate drought well, and its denseness helps it endure foot traffic.”

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