Lawn and Garden Maintenance in August

August is here and there are still items to be checked off on your lawn and maintenance checklist. Here are a few of the things you should be doing this month, according to


August is the last month for heavy pruning of hedges and evergreens before they go dormant in November and December. If you trim too late, it could cause new growth that won’t harden off in time for a freeze and will be killed.

Lawn Care

Watch for brown patches, which is aa common lawn disease that thrives in hot weather. It starts as an oddly shaped spot of brown grass that soon enlarges into a big dead patch. You want to treat the spot, and the healthy grass surrounding it, according to directions with a liquid or granular fungicide.


We are sure you have been enjoying your homegrown veggies all summer and have been picking them as they produce. However, beans, squash, okra, and others can grow hard if left on the plant too long. And if the seeds inside them start to mature, the plants may stop producing. Pro tip: the best time to pick your produce is early in the morning.

Remember Stone Creek Landscaping offers a full service maintenance program that will protect and keep your property looking its best. From deadheading flowers, trimming shrubs, removing debris, and keeping grass well manicured, we are clearly committed to you and your investment.

Source: Southern Living

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