September’s Checklist

It has been quite a summer as the heat has been relentless, but soon Fall will be here. As you begin looking at what needs to be done to your yard in September we wanted to share a few suggestions found at

Time to Plant

Now is the perfect time to plant that fall vegetable garden. Items you should consider growing include “radishes, spinach, lettuce, mustard greens, kale, and other leafy crops that like autumn’s cool weather. Now is also the time to assemble containers of ornamentals for the crisp days that we pray lie ahead. Combine annuals such as pansies, violas, and ornamental cabbage and kale with fancy-leaved hardy perennials like heuchera, golden Japanese sweet flag, rue, variegated ivy, and ‘Tricolor’ common sage.”


Now is definitely the time to feed such grasses like tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. These types of grasses are green throughout the winter. It is important that you choose the correct lawn fertilizer for your type of grass.


Although August has been an extremely dry month, September is not typically any better. Remember to soak the roots of trees and shrubs this month as well as any newly planted flowers and/or vegetables.

Stone Creek is your complete landscape solution regardless of your property’s current condition.  Whether you’re looking for maintenance, design and install, or just a splash of seasonal color, our skilled and professional crews are here to help.

We offer a full service maintenance program that will protect and keep your property looking its best.  From deadheading flowers, trimming shrubs, removing debris, and keeping grass well manicured, we are clearly committed to you and your investment.




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