January is here and up until this weekend, we have seen some warmer than average temperatures. The warmer temps might mean you have had more time to spend in your yard, but what exactly should you be focusing on this month? Many homeowners have the same question, so check out the list below of some great tips from Southern Living:


A dry winter day is a good time to mow a dormant, warm-season lawn. This grooms the lawn and removes fallen leaves and pine needles. It also allows you to inspect your yard for winter weeds. Control them by spraying when the weather warms in spring.


This is a good time to plant new shrubs and trees. Evaluate your landscape, remove unattractive plants, and replace them with others that you prefer.

Although this might be a short list for January, enjoy it! February brings with it not only colder temps, but also pruning, more lawn maintenance and even perhaps the cutting back of tree. Caring for a yard, is definitely a year long process!

Stone Creek Landscaping

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