In two days, Mach will be here and according to Better Homes & Gardens, March is a “bridge month in the garden.”  To help you get ready for the upcoming month, they compiled a great list of things you should be ready to do. Here are some of their must-do’s.

Do It Now

  • Sow sugar snap peas before the necessary cool weather disappears. Remember to provide support for vines.
  • In upper regions of the South, you can still apply a dormant spray to fruit trees until about midmonth. After that point, dilute the solution concentration by half if you spray. Follow label directions carefully.
  • Divide clump-forming, spring-blooming shrubs before flowers or leaves appear. Candidates include Japanese kerria, forsythia, and winter honeysuckle. Cut plants back to about 4 inches before digging clumps.
  • Finish pruning evergreens early in the month. Cut to shape and control plant size.

Prepare for Upcoming Chores

  • Azaleas make the biggest impact when grouped by color. Mark flower colors as azaleas come into bloom. Dig and shift shrubs during or after bloom time.
  • Wait to prune spring-blooming shrubs and trees until after flowering.
  • Finish pruning summer-flowering plants that form blooms on new growth, like butterfly bush or rose of Sharon.
  • Let self-sowing plants set and drop seed. This includes bachelor’s button, calendula, larkspur, and forget-me-not.

Test Garden Tip: Fill bird feeders and clean birdhouses to offer room and board to returning migratory species. Feeders can stage a fascinating show as birds wing their way north to summer breeding grounds.

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Source: Better Homes & Gardens