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How to Save your Garden from all the Rain

Rain, rain and more rain! It seems as if it might never stop here in Georgia. And while we know it can cause nightmares on our commutes, it can also wreak havoc on our yards! According to,… Read More

August Yard Tips

Whether we like it or not, August is happening … next week! What does that mean for your yard? Actually, not a great deal, but there are some tips to get you through the last weeks of summer. Here… Read More

Caring for your Grass in Extreme Heat

The thermostat says 92, but with the humidity it feels more like 102. The heat is dangerous to us, but it can be just as harmful to your grass. To help maintain your grass during the brutal summer… Read More

Great Grass Ideas for the Deep South

Summer is here and the Georgia temperatures have begun to feel a lot more like Florida. This heat is having an impact on yards across the state, especially the grass we grow in our lawns. There are so… Read More

How to get the most out of your Georgia Landscape this spring

Spring Landscape Tips Spring is here and for everyone in Marietta, Georgia or any surrounding Atlanta neighborhood, it is time to dig out your sunscreen and work gloves and starting thinking about getting your yard and surrounding landscape in… Read More

Fescue Planting – 1-2-3

-Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardender It is not as important as you think it is, but I know your first thought is what fescue seed to buy. Read this: Choosing a Fescue Variety and then come back. Seeding… Read More

Lawn – Timing Pre-emergent Herbicide | Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener

One of the sourest phrases that can be directed at a child or adult is “I told you so!” Whether you touch a hot match, leave tools out in the rain or lift cinder blocks all afternoon, someone… Read More

Seasonal Color

Nothing has the ability to brighten your landscape and offer the beautiful colors and textures better than a bed of lush flowers.

Time to prune!

Late February through March is a great time to prune plants that are overgrown, plants that might flower more, and plants that could need just a little shaping.  Now, just because it’s a good time to prune this month… Read More

To Prune or Not to Prune

Often times, when February rolls around, we see professional landscapers all over town hitting the streets with their clippers and their saws hacking away at all the Crape Myrtles.  In fact we are so used to seeing this year after… Read More

Hello world!

Thats right. Hello world! Here we are, Stone Creek Landcaping making great strides to update the way we comunicate with our customers and everyone else out there who wants to know a thing or two about landscaping. My… Read More