Stone Creek Landscaping

Azaleas in Full Bloom

If you are a fan of watching The Masters, you might view partially for the golfing, but also for the blooming azaleas. The glorious shrubs might possibly be some of the most amazing in the South. And it… Read More

Rose Garden Tips

Roses are a beautiful addition to any flower garden, however many are afraid the upkeep will be too hard to maintain gorgeous blooms. This actually not true, and pretty much anyone can grow roses. According to, you… Read More

Lawn Maintenance Tips

Lawn maintenance can be an overwhelming project to some. If you are one of those our first tip is call us! However, if you are looking for preventative measures you can take on your own, here are some… Read More

Flowers to Plant in March

The sun is out, at least for today, and it has everyone thinking of Spring! With those thoughts might come the question of what flowers should I plant in March? While there are many out there to choose… Read More

How to Save your Garden from all the Rain

Rain, rain and more rain! It seems as if it might never stop here in Georgia. And while we know it can cause nightmares on our commutes, it can also wreak havoc on our yards! According to,… Read More

February Gardening Tips for the South

With the frigid temperatures outside, the last thing on your mind might be gardening. However, there are actually some things you can do this month to prepare your garden for the spring. Start Spring Planting* Roses. Get roses in… Read More

Winter Landscaping Tips

Whether you live in the north or the south, maintaining a nice yard in the winter months is still a priority. Here are a few tips we found from Better Homes & Gardens that will help you enjoy… Read More

What to do with that Christmas Tree …

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree … what do we do with you now? Yes, many of us are currently taking down the decorations and would like to do something with our live tree rather than throw it… Read More

What to do with your Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is a time to trick or treat, dress up and carve pumpkins. However, what should one do with that pumpkin once Halloween has come to an end? We found some great ideas from A few of include:… Read More

Fall Means Leaf Removal Time

In the South the temperatures are beginning to fall, and so are the leaves. During this time, it is really important that you remove those leaves as quickly as possible. A thick layer of leaves will suffocate your lawn,… Read More

Bring on the Mums

If you have walked into your local grocery store, chances are you were greeted by mums. They go with fall like … well like, pumpkin everything! They look great at the front door, in flower beds, and even… Read More

September Lawn and Garden Tips

During the fall months there is a lot that can be done in one’s yard. From lawn care to planting vegetables and flowers, September can be quiet the busy yard month. Lawn Care September and October are excellent… Read More