With summer like temperatures approaching this weekend, it’s never too early to start thinking about lawn care during the extreme summer heat.

Don’t Cut it Too Short

One common mistake made is cutting a lawn too short. According to Yard Care by Toro, “if a lawn is cut too short, it reduces the plants’ ability to produce energy for growth. When cut at the proper height, however, grass develops stronger roots that support more vigorous plants that are more tolerant of stress. Keep in mind that different varieties of grass have different growth habits that directly relate to mowing heights. For example, cool season grass and warm season grass types require somewhat different maintenance techniques. Research which cutting height is right for your lawn.”


The best way to beat the heat is by watering. A good recommendation is one inch of water per week. This amount helps to keep turf grass healthy. And remember once you start watering, don’t stop. Less frequent, deeper waterings are better than frequent shallow ones. Watering for longer periods of time less often will promote deeper roots, greater drought tolerance and less maintenance. Water your lawn in the morning when it is cool to allow more water to soak into the ground rather than evaporate. Avoid watering in the evening to prevent fungus and disease.*

Do Not Bag Grass Clippings

Yard Care also suggests returning clippings to the lawn by using a mulching mower. Clippings are actually beneficial to the lawn, because they act as a slow-release fertilizer for the plant as they decompose. It is important to aim the clippings away from streets, storm drains, and bodies of water.

Stone Creek Landscaping

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We offer a full service maintenance program that will protect and keep your property looking its best.  From deadheading flowers, trimming shrubs, removing debris, and keeping grass well manicured, we are clearly committed to you and your investment.


*Source Gertens.com