Stone Creek Landscaping

Whether we like it or not, August is happening … next week! What does that mean for your yard? Actually, not a great deal, but there are some tips to get you through the last weeks of summer. Here are some of our favorites:


    • Water, water, water! Early morning is the best time to water – target plants directly, and water deeply. Avoid getting leaves wet in the hot sun, and avoid soaking containers during the hottest part of the day – both of these can burn plants.
    • Continue mowing.
    • If you have Bermuda grass, reseed areas that have thinned down from the heat. This is your last chance to overseed, as warm-season grasses require heat to grow.
    • Keep close watch on your birdbath, water features, and hummingbird feeder – take steps to correct or avoid mold, stagnation, and mosquito larvae.
    • Continue weeding, to reduce competition for water and nutrients.
    • Beware of powdery mildew, which is caused by moisture and humidity. Help prevent mildew by watering in the cool of the morning, when roots can absorb water but excess will evaporate as the day warms. Also avoid overhead sprinkling in mildew-prone areas. Do not compost leaves that are mildewed.
    • When the temperature is over 85 degrees, avoid chemical applications such as fertilizer, fungicide, or insecticide.
    • Add compost and mulch to keep your garden cool and to prepare for fall planting.
    • Deal with late-season pests – such as aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites – with a spray of water from the hose.
    • Treat diseased plants, and remove diseased foliage before leaves drop.
    • Prune back vigorous climbers such as wisteria, and train them around trellises while the growth is soft.

And should your yard, or you, need a hand, call the professionals at Stone Creek Landscaping! We are here to help you all year long.

Spring Fever

If you are anything like me and the rest of the residents of Atlanta, you are ready for the snow to melt, the sun to come out and the days to warm up!  Here’s to wishful thinking anyway. Truth be told, spring really isn’t that far off and there are a few things you can do now to prepare your garden and landscape for the upcoming growing season.

1) As long as the ground isn’t too wet, January is a great time to till your vegetable gardens. This will help control weeds and insects this spring.

2)January is also a good time to service all of your lawn and garden equipment. Change the oil, spark plugs and sharpen blades on your mower. Remember, once the warm weather hits, local repair shops will backed up for weeks!

3)January is also the perfect month to transfer small trees and shrubs. Remember to dig a substantial root ball and make sure to plant it at the same level it was growing before.

Stone Creek Landscaping is always willing to do any of the work you don’t have time to do on your own. Call us today for a free estimate on all of your metro Atlanta landscaping needs!

Hello world!

Thats right. Hello world! Here we are, Stone Creek Landcaping making great strides to update the way we comunicate with our customers and everyone else out there who wants to know a thing or two about landscaping. My plan is to use this site to bring you regualar updates and news regarding your landscape, specific to our Metro Atlanta micro-climate.  So tell your friends and check back often to learn what you need to do to keep your entire landcape looking its best. If you ever have questions or concerns feel free to contact me for a consulation. Im always willing to help with as little or as much of your landcape as you need.