Tonight ghosts and goblins will descend upon the streets asking for tricks and treats. The candy bowl will be empty and the need for that pumpkin will soon cease to exist as well. So, what’s a person to do with Mr. Jack-O-Lantern?

We found some amazing ideas at and wanted to share with you as Halloween approaches. Below are some of their recommendations.

Save the Seeds for Eating

“Once you have a hole cut in the top of your pumpkin, scoop the seeds into a bowl. When you have scooped out all the seeds, fill the bowl with water and use your hands to separate the seeds from the stringy flesh. Place the seeds in a colander and spray or rinse them in water, using your hands as needed to remove any additional stringy flesh, until they are cleaned. Set them aside to dry. You can roast them in all sorts of way. They’re easy, healthy, full of fiber and excellent on salads!”

Save the Seeds for Planting

“Treat the seeds the same way you did to prepare them for eating except don’t cook them. Once the seeds have been washed, lay them on a towel to dry. Pick out a nice selection of the largest blemish-free seeds. Let the seeds air-dry completely and then store them in a brown paper bag. After a month take a look at your seeds. This will have given your seeds time to fully dry. Discard any seeds that show signs of rot or mold. Label your seeds and store them in a dark, cool place until you are ready to plant them in the spring.”

Compost It

“Pumpkin is such a great addition to your compost pile. If you’re using a heap method to compost, just toss your pumpkins on the pile. If you are using a more delicate method, you might want to cut your old jack-o’-lanterns into smaller pieces before adding them to your pile.”

Bury Your Pumpkin Leftovers

“If composting isn’t your thing but you have a garden, dig a hole, toss them in, and let nature take over. By simply burying your leftover jack-o’-lanterns you will easily amend your soil. When it comes time to till the soil in the spring, you won’t find many jack-o’-lantern leftovers. You may find a few volunteer plants later in the season, though, if you had any seeds left in the pumpkin!”

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