November is here! How can that be? It feels like we were just giving you gardening tips for the hot summer months and now it’s time to prepare for winter.

We found the following garden care tips from and had to share them as they can apply to all of us!

General November Garden Care

  • Rake leaves and make leaf mold or compost.
  • Clean, sharpen, and oil garden tools.
  • Finish winterizing your water garden.
  • Start planting bulbs like paperwhites, hyacinth, and amaryllis for the holidays.
  • Add organic matter to beds.
  • Cover compost so rain doesn’t flood and leach the nutrients.
  • Keep weeding. It’s easier to see the weeds once the garden plants die back. Now is a great time to get rid of some perennial weeds that stay green all year.
  • Keep watering, until the ground freezes. Pay particular attention to anything you planted late in the season.
In the South, it’s also a great time to divide your perennials. Be sure to prune flowering trees and keep your fall vegetable garden going. And even though many insects go away after summer, there are still many pesky ones out there that can ruin your garden. Be on the look out and treat when needed.

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