If you decorated your home this holiday season with a live tree, chances are you are trying to decide where to recycle the Christmas tree. After a bit of research we found a fantastic website that can help those in Georgia ready to rid themselves of Christmas cheer, or in this case a Christmas tree!

What Are Your Recycling Choices for your Holiday Tree?

After the holidays, don’t throw your natural tree away!  Here are some tips on what to do with your tree after the holidays. In general, you have these options:

  1. Curbside pick-up for recycling – Most areas will collect trees during their regular pickup schedules on the 2 weeks following Christmas.  For curbside collection, there are often requirements for size, removing ornaments, flocking, etc. They’ll turn it into mulch, which may be free for you to pick up, if you want it!
  2. Non-profits that pick up – Call for an appointment to have a non-profit in your area pickup your tree. Some boy scout troops are offering a pickup Grinding Christmas trees into mulchservice for a small donation (often $5).
  3. Drop it off – Take your tree to a drop off recycling center. Home Depot is collecting Christmas trees in many areas, free of charge. Most counties have free drop-off locations throughout the county. Usually, you may take up to two trees to any of the following drop-off locations at no charge.
  4. Yard waste pickup – Cut the tree to fit loosely into your yard waste container.
  5. Recycle it yourself
  6. Christmas lights – Yes, even light can be recycled (used, broken or old Christmas lights and electronics).

And did you know there are also other great alternatives to getting rid of your Christmas tree? We love these ideas from The Home Depot:

  • Soil and Sand Erosion Barriers. Discarded trees are kept intact and used to stabilize beaches and shoreline.
  • Feeding Fish. Trees are sunk into ponds to make a feeding area for fish.
  • Feeding Birds: Place in backyard and let the birds nest and feed from the tree.
  • Chip and Mulch: Rent or buy a wood chipper and make your own mulch. Age fresh mulch about a year before using.

No matter how you recycle the Christmas tree, we truly hope you will consider one of the options listed above. And from our family to yours Happy New Year!