Here in northern Georgia, we are starting to feel summer cool off and it’s time for the fall must do’s in your lawn. Fall lawn care is all about getting your yard ready for the winter and preparing it for next spring. Investing time in your landscapes now will pay off greatly in the spring. Here are some tips to help you with your fall lawn care checklist for Georgia lawns.

Don’t Stop Mowing Yetmowing

In Georgia, lawns are mostly made up of warm-season grasses, which means grasses like St. Augustine, zoysiagrass, and Bermudagrass do their growing in the summer. These grasses slow down in the fall, but keeping it at the proper height is still important. We may not get the heavy snows of the north but we do get enough that it can cause snow mold and other lawn diseases in your lawn. Not to mention, home to pests such as the mole cricket.

Keep Fighting Weeds

Weeds are an inevitable part of having a lawn. Even if you have followed all the rules for proper summer weed control, weeds can still slip through the cracks and sprout in your yard. It shouldn’t be too hard to control these weeds but if you don’t the consequences could be huge. Just one weed can spread thousands of seeds across your yard where they will lie in wait until spring arrives and then invade your lawn. Take the time now to kill any weeds that have emerged in your yard before they get a chance to release their seeds.

Rake Up Leavesleaves being raked

Raking up leaves isn’t just for making your lawn look good and well-kept. It’s more about keeping your grass healthy. If you have ever raked leaves that were wet then you know how heavy they can get. When wet leaves sit on your grass it flattens it down and retains water, creating the perfect conditions for snow mold and other diseases to arise.

Defend Against Fall Pests

Many pests are looking for places to overwinter around this time of year. If your home isn’t defended properly these pests can make their way into your home and get between your walls where they hide until spring.

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