While March Madness might be a common term this month, here at Stone Creek Landscaping we are all about March Maintenance. Below are some tips for preparing for Spring. We found these at SouthernLiving.com and agree these are the things you should do this month:


As warm-season turf begins to green up in your area, it’s time to think about liming your grass. If your soil is acid, you need to do this every couple of years. The best way to tell if you need lime is with a soil test, which will let you know exactly how much to apply. But if you’re not able to get your soil tested, use the general guideline of 15 to 20 pounds of lime per 100 square feet of lawn area. Pelletized lime is less messy and easier to apply than the white-powdered kind.

Early in the month, clean the property with leaf blowers, vacuums, and chippers. Later in the month before grass starts to grow, use a power rake to remove thatch accumulation from the prior year. Excess thatch prevents water and nutrients from reaching the soil and may contribute to turf disease. Then use an over-seeder to seed any thin spots that may appear. For northern grasses, mixes of bluegrass, fescue, and rye are most common.



As this Southern classic comes into bloom, be sure to mark the color of each plant if you haven’t planted them by color. For maximum impact, group azaleas in masses of one color or in layers of color. It is okay to move them while they are blooming. But if you wait until they finish, they can be rearranged, pruned, and shaped for a better show next year.

Now if March Maintenance doesn’t sound like fun to you, the call us! The experts at Stone Creek Landscaping can get your yard ready for Spring. You can reach us at 404.647.4297.