Are you struggling to distinguish between plants you want and those you don’t in your yard? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! In 2023, the question of whether something is a weed or not continues to puzzle many of our clients. To help you with this predicament, we’ve gathered some up-to-date information on particularly weedy species that you should keep an eye out for. Not only will we identify these pesky plants, but we’ll also provide some SEO-friendly tips for controlling them and maintaining a pristine yard.

Dandelions – The Deceptive Beauties

Dandelions may appear cute with their yellow flowers that mature into puffballs, but don’t let their charm fool you – they are indeed weeds. These aggressive lawn invaders have long taproots and can quickly spread their seeds through the wind, infesting lawns and garden beds. Here’s how to control them:

  • Use mulch to prevent dandelions in your gardens.
  • Hand-pull the weeds or treat lawns with a broadleaf herbicide that spares the grass.

Crabgrass – A Persistent Intruder

As the name suggests, crabgrass is a lawn weed that spreads roots wherever its stems touch the soil. Its seed heads can easily spread, making it a nuisance in lawns and sidewalks. To keep crabgrass in check:

  • Utilize preemergence weed preventers to stop the seeds from sprouting.
  • Hand-pull crabgrass or spot-treat with a nonselective herbicide in areas where nothing else grows.

Sign on a green lawn – Lawn care

Creeping Charlie – A Ground-Covering Menace

Creeping Charlie can be identified by its scalloped leaves, creeping stems, and clusters of purple flowers in late spring. It covers the ground quickly, making it challenging to eradicate. Here’s how you can tackle it:

  • Apply mulch to garden areas in spring to prevent Creeping Charlie from taking over.
  • Hand-pull the plants or use a postemergence herbicide in spring or fall.

These are just a few of the little pests you might encounter in your yard in 2023. If you’re unsure about any plant species, don’t hesitate to ask the experts at Stone Creek Landscaping. Our team can suggest the best plan for your yard and help you achieve a weed-free, vibrant landscape. Get in touch with us today at 404.647.4297 to reclaim your yard from these invaders!