Don’t let the scorching summer sun turn your lawn into a stress zone! Just like you, your lawn can struggle under extreme heat and water scarcity. Want to ensure your lawn has a chill summer? Dive into these 10 crucial tips for maintaining your lawn during the hot days of 2023.

Top Tips

  1. Optimal Grass Length Give your grass a leg up by avoiding the buzz cut. However, longer grass blades can generate more energy for growth, resulting in resilient roots that withstand stress better.
  2. Embrace the 1/3 Rule The heat demands a new mowing mantra: the 1/3 Rule. Trim no more than one-third of the grass height at once. Keeping more foliage helps your lawn stay cooler, promoting growth and stress resistance.
  3. Water Wisdom In a world parched by heatwaves, rethink your watering routine. Let your lawn handle a bit of dryness; it copes better with mildly dry soil than constantly soggy roots. Stick to deep and infrequent watering, aiming for a weekly inch of hydration, rain included. Morning watering is your best bet, preventing overnight dampness that fuels mold.
  4. Drought Mowing Dilemma Pause the mower during droughts. Cutting grass during these trying times can add more strain. Opt for post-rainfall or after an irrigation day for mowing. And remember, mowing wet grass can be a sticky situation, so hold off until it’s dry.
  5. Sharpen for Success Give your mower blades a makeover. Dull blades tear grass rather than slicing it clean. A clean cut promotes faster healing and reduced stress on your lawn. Keep those blades sharp for healthier turf.
  6. Clippings, the Green Boosters Mulch it up for your lawn’s sake. If possible, use a mulching mower to let the clippings fall back onto your lawn. These clippings decompose, acting as natural slow-release fertilizers for a greener, happier yard.
  7. Summer Fertilizer Hiatus Hold off on the summer feeding frenzy. Your grass expends more energy during the heat, and fertilizing only increases its demand. Save the fertilizer for autumn when your lawn can make better use of it.
  8. Tread Lightly In a world where grass is already gasping, be mindful of your footsteps. Because foot traffic on stressed turf can lead to flattened blades that struggle to rebound. Opt for stepping stones or alternate pathways to save your grass from unnecessary wear and tear.
  9. Battle Pests and Pests’ Pals Bugs and diseases love a heated summer rendezvous. To fend off these unwelcome guests, tweak your watering schedule—preferably in the morning—and avoid nighttime moisture. If trouble still knocks, consider applying fungicide on cooler days.
  10. Pro Help, Your Lawn’s Superhero When all else fails, call in the pros. Stone Creek Landscaping is equipped to analyze your yard’s unique needs and design a tailored action plan. From weed control to pest management, we’ve got your lawn’s back.

Stone Creek Landscaping

This summer, let your lawn chill in style with these updated lawn care tips tailored for the sizzling heat of 2023. Your stress-free lawn and you will both enjoy the summer vibes.