Kids are so ready for a change of pace and here’s to getting your kids in the yard. Summer is nearing a close and school is back in session. So if yours is bored, let’s get them going and maybe your Saturday chore list will be completed faster than drinking that cold refreshing adult beverage after a long day in the yard!

Let’s face it, most kids love being outside and they love playing in the dirt! And did we mention there might be a hose for squirting each other involved? Sounds like a perfect yard day to us … kids in the yard. But it’s important to remember safety when the kids decide they want to help. Below are tips from We think they are spot on and wanted to share them with you.

Time to Mow the Lawn

Kids, especially boys, are born with a love of lawn mowers. They’re big, they’re noisy, they’re dangerous – what more could a growing boy ask for? Therein lies the problem. Adults, especially moms, don’t like lawn mowers for precisely the same reasons. Therefore, it suits both parties if older kids do the mowing, as long as a few safety precautions are observed.

No one under the age of 14 should handle a lawn mower, a weed whacker, a chipper-shredder, or other potentially dangerous, sharp-edged, debris-spewing machines. Or, for that matter, pruners and other sharp-edged garden tools. And parents should never take kids for joy rides on a lawnmower. It gives them precisely the wrong message. Mowers are not toys. Kids are apt to slip and fall under the blades. Don’t even let kids near when you’re mowing because the mower could spit rocks out, or you could also accidentally back over them. Send the kids (and pets) inside while mowing.

While you’re mowing, set a safe example, and always wear long pants, sturdy shoes (not sandals), gloves, and goggles. Do not try to free objects that are stuck in the mower blade with your hand, even if the mower is turned off. There could be residual tension that will spin the blade once the object is removed.

More Ways of Getting your Kids in the Yard

Our job as parents is to figure out how to get them to help out with the kid-friendly aspects of yard work such as weeding, watering, or just picking up their bicycles. For example, after an adult or older kid has finished mowing, younger kids can help gather up the grass clippings and take them to the compost pile.

Kids are also great at edging – using a spade or special edging tool to outline a garden bed, driveway, or path. One of the hardest parts of lawn care is keeping it from taking over the driveway and sidewalks. This is an excellent chore for kids because they’re low to the ground, anyway. Another task kids can usually do is operate leaf blowers – and they typically love to do so! These are safe to use, but tell kids not to aim them at anyone – including the poor dog or cat! – and to wear a mask and earplugs when using them.

And if you just want to enjoy your Saturdays with your family, call us! We’ve got you covered on all the yard work! Stone Creek Landscaping is here to meet all your lawn maintenance needs! And sure it’s okay to call us and still keep the kids in the yard!